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National Bird Feeding Society

This informative web site helps create bird-friendly backyards through its wealth of information.

Net Pets: Regional Bird Clubs & Societies

Net Pets contains a list of associations, clubs and societies found all around the United States.

Finch Niche

This site provides a compilation
of national (and some international) associations,
clubs and societies.

South Bay Bird Society

The SBBS’s main purpose is to study all avian species and their habitats; to disseminate information on all aspects of avian care, breeding and preservation of endangered species and habitats to the public and supporting members.

Australian Bird Clubs

This site provides many links to Australian bird clubs, societies and many other bird interests.

West LA Bird Club

The West LA Bird Club helps all pet birds have happy, healthy and full lives while in captivity and to provide a community for bird lovers.

Budgerigar & Foreign Bird Society

BFBS contains a great deal of information on the laws in Canada that pertain to owning species not endemic to the country, plus fun places to visit.

Raliegh-Durham Caged Bird Society

The purpose of Raliegh-Durham Caged Bird Society is to educate club and community members about the care and breeding of caged birds and larger concerns.