Parakeets can be up to 12 inches long, and live almost 30 years. They eat Parrot food, cereal seeds, fruit and green food. They need to be housed in a mesh aviary to give them room to stretch their wings, but are not able to get their bills through the mesh. Parakeets should not be given any fatty foods, or foods that are high in sugar, fat or that contain artificial colors or sweeteners. They come in a variety of bright colors. In the wild Parakeets can build nests that weigh over 2,500 pounds, which allows multiple pairs of them to live via many little compartments.


Parakeet Food

A premium seed diet for Parakeets and Budgies.

Available Packages:

5 lb. Jar

Cockatiel Food

A premium quality food for Cockatiels.

Available Packages:

9 lb. Bag

Cockatiel Food Jar

A premium quality food for cockatiels.

Available Packages:

4.5 lb. Jar